Tobo Co. Ltd
Jake Perlman
May 13, 2014 AT 06:49 PM EDT

Why, God(zilla), why?

Remember a time when things could be found on “the Internet” or taking a picture with a Kodak camera was the norm, or a worm scientist played by Ferris Bueller could save the world from a French Polynesian Jay Leno-chinned monster? Let’s go back to 1998 and the awkward, outdated Godzilla remake by disaster film director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012), who ended up just making a disastrous film. With another hilarious honest trailer, Screen Junkies note that in a desperate attempt to capture the nostalgic love of Jurassic Park in the ’90s, they kind of ended up just copying it. Oh well, let’s see what Bryan Cranston and a new monster have in store when a new take opens in theaters this weekend. Good luck Heisenberg!

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