Hillary Busis
May 16, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Is it cold in here? Blame ABC’s fairy-tale mash-up, which ended its third season on May 11 with a glimpse at next season’s Big Bad: Queen Elsa, of Disney’s Frozen. And though they know how this looks, the series’ brass insist her royal arrival was a purely creative decision: “We did not get a call from Mickey Mouse saying, ‘We want Frozen in,’ ” says co-showrunner Edward Kitsis. Like all the show’s best villains, Elsa’s not capital-E Evil so much as misunderstood, so she’ll fit right in. But should we expect a talking snowman to pop up in Storybrooke? “There is potential for other Frozen characters on the horizon,” says Kitsis — but first producers have to cast this pivotal role. Any chance Adele Dazeem’s available? (Sorry, we can’t let it go.)

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