Kyle Ryan
May 16, 2014 AT 02:11 PM EDT

Anyone who thought The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could’ve used more of Andrew Garfield wearing a dress and coming to terms with his sexuality, today’s your day: He does just that in the lengthy new video for Arcade Fire’s “We Exist,” just released this morning.

The song, from the band’s similarly lengthy Reflektor album, has been described by frontman Win Butler as the tale of a gay kid coming out to his straight father. In the video, Garfield shaves his head, dons a dress, and heads to the local townie bar — where things look like they could go Boys Don’t Cry at any moment — only to segue into a surprising dance routine and footage of Garfield at the band’s performance during the second weekend of this year’s Coachella.

It’s both strange and massively on-the-nose (check the “WE EXIST” text at the end, just in case anyone missed the point), as is Arcade Fire’s wont.

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