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Darren Franich
May 16, 2014 AT 04:18 PM EDT

A few weeks have passed since the official casting announcement, but there are still so many things we don’t know about Star Wars: Episode VII. What’s the movie called? Who are the bad guys? Who gets to hold a lightsaber? What kind of alien is Andy Serkis playing? Will Adam Driver be using his Major Barbara English accent?

Well, good news everyone! Production Company Bad Robot just tweeted a picture from the first day of Star Wars shooting, which answers all our questions and puts all the rumors to rest. The movie is titled Star Wars: Empire of the Jedi. The bad guy is Boba Fett’s daughter Lola Fett. Oscar Isaac’s lightsaber is orange, and John Boyega’s lightsaber is burnt sienna. Andy Serkis is playing Young Luke Skywalker in flashbacks via motion-capture. Adam Driver will be deliver his entire performance speaking Twi’Lek.

And also, none of this is actually true, because the picture just shows the clapboard for Episode VII. But man, that N6 filter is gonna be crazy! Check it out:


— Bad Robot (@bad_robot) May 16, 2014

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