Ariana Bacle
May 20, 2014 AT 03:10 PM EDT

Multiple celebrities have voiced interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers — but Arsenio Hall is really trying to make it happen.

In April, Clippers owner Donald Sterling came under fire when tapes of him allegedly telling his girlfriend he didn’t want her to bring black people to his games were released. He was subsequently banned from the NBA.

And on Monday, the late night host launched an Indiegogo campaign that lets viewers donate money for Hall’s effort to buy the team. Hall needs to raise a billion dollars to meet his goal — but if he doesn’t earn enough, he’ll be donating all contributions to the NAACP. Take that, Donald Sterling!

Donations won’t come without perks: Donate $50, and you’ll get a retweet from Hall; donate $100,000, and you get to be Hall’s sidekick for an entire show. The best perk, though? Donate $35,000, and Hall will get a lower back tattoo of your name and show it to the world on-air — a temporary tattoo, but a tattoo nonetheless.

Watch Hall’s explanation of the Indiegogo campaign below:

And, from earlier this month, Hall’s suggestions for who should buy the team:

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