Joe Manganiello's stripper doc 'La Bare' has new red-band trailer |

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Joe Manganiello's stripper documentary 'La Bare' has new, slightly depressing red-band trailer -- VIDEO

La Bare Clip

A new red-band trailer for La Bare, Joe Manganiello’s feature directorial debut following the men of the titular Dallas strip club that’s been in business since 1978, has hit. It starts with plenty of cowboy-hat-topped skin and choice quotes: ”Even though every time I get a hug I  give ‘em a dollar, I still feel like they’re my friends,” says one happy customer. And then it gets real, addressing the murder of a dancer dubbed “the real Magic Mike.”

But before the buzz you imagine having when you go see this film is totally ruined, it’s back to more skin and cheeky language: ”This summer get exposed… To a new kind of super hero… A different type of action… With romance… Adventure…And special effects.”

Watch it below.

Here’s a preview.