Samantha Highfill
May 21, 2014 AT 03:15 PM EDT

Heading into this season of Dancing With the Stars, Erin Andrews was known for being a former contestant and the woman on the sidelines at sporting events. But could she ditch the locker room talk for discussions of hip thrusts — and keep up with Tom Bergeron’s witty one-liners? To keep things short and sweet, I think the answer turned out to be yes.

I wasn’t quite on Team Erin when the season started. In fact, I think I was actively trying not to be. I found some of her jokes annoying; I thought she was awkward at times. But week after week, she wore me down. I started to appreciate the way she’d ask the questions everyone wanted answered. And as time went on, Erin got more comfortable and started firing back at anyone who threw a line her way. She got sarcastic — and suddenly, I approved.

Then, during last night’s finale, we got a glimpse at rehearsal footage, which sealed the deal: I approve of Erin Andrews. Honestly, I might even love her. Do I wish we got rehearsal Erin on live TV? Of course. But I think that will come with time as she gets more and more comfortable in her role.

Either way, I do think now that she can keep up with Tom — and that she knows how to both laugh off a situation and keep the show going. Plus, I really approve of that yellow dress she wore for part one of the finale. Agreed?

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