EW Staff
May 21, 2014 AT 11:18 PM EDT

The family of Sarah Jones, the camera assistant who was killed while shooting Midnight Rider last February, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit naming several defendants, including Gregg Allman (the subject of the biopic), director Randall Miller, the movie’s producers, and the companies who own the railroad tracks where she died, Variety reports.

The family is seeking unspecified damages for her death and pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages, the report said.

The lawsuit alleges that select members of the crew did not acquire the proper permission to shoot on the railroad bridge and subsequently kept this information from the rest of the team. According to the article, the complaint stated: “In fact, the Midnight Rider defendants falsely informed, or gave the impression to, the cast and crew, including Sarah, that they had received permission to conduct filming on the railroad tracks.” Additionally, the suit claims the crew didn’t adhere to proper precautions by failing to hold a safety meeting and not having an on-site medic present.

The immense filing comes on the heels of Gregg Allman dropping a lawsuit against the film’s producers that claimed their rights to his story had expired. Allman had also written a personal letter to Randall Miller urging him to pull the plug on the film, which is a biopic of the rock legend. Earlier in April, it was announced that the movie would resume shooting in June, but relocate from Georgia to Los Angeles, news that was met with resistance from a large Facebook campaign demanding a boycott of the production. And later that month, the film’s star William Hurt withdrew from the project.

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