Katie Atkinson
May 21, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The first (and only) season of ABC’s Mixology has been a lot like a typical night out at the bar. There’s the appealing guy (Blake Lee’s Tom) or girl (Ginger Gonzaga’s Maya) you’re hoping will approach you, the guy (Andrew Santino’s Bruce) or girl (Frankie Shaw’s Fab) who unfortunately does approach you, and the bartenders (Vanessa Lengies’ Kacey and Adan Canto’s Dominic) who are more concerned with their own personal drama than getting you a drink.

But just because it got the bar scene right doesn’t mean it got everything right: The one-night-only gimmick had a tendency to wear thin, especially when you got invested in a bargoer’s love connection only to have that same character pursuing someone new the next week. These people had a lifetime of relationships in a single night and location. The ratings reflected that flakiness, and ABC pulled the plug earlier this month.

I have to say, despite its flaws, I watched all 13 episodes, and it was one of the first shows I pulled up on my DVR every Wednesday night. (When my colleague Mandi Bierly confessed that she had accidentally watched every episode of the now-canceled Super Fun Night, I immediately realized that the same was true for me and Mixology.)

My favorite aspect of the show was eternal-optimist Tom, who left behind his terrible girlfriend (Sarah Wright’s Laura) for the tough-as-nails Maya. And I was also pleasantly surprised by how horndog Bruce’s story played out in tonight’s finale, where he chose conversation and waffles with Alexis Carra’s Jessica over a sure-thing hookup. The show didn’t shy away from an unhappy ending either, sending Kate Simses’ Liv off on her Eat. Pray. Love. journey sans Adam Campbell’s Ron.

So am I alone? Or are there other Mixology completists out there? I have to say: If ABC had done another season, it would have been so simple to go American Horror Story anthology style (because of the miniseries format, not the latex and gore) and put a new cast in the same bar. Maybe Tom and Maya could have stopped in for a drink/cameo, and Kacey and Dominic would probably still be behind the bar, but otherwise it would be a new crew. (Maybe Ryan Murphy should have produced instead of Ryan Seacrest.)

But EW is nothing if not a democracy, so let’s put it to a vote…

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