Erin Strecker
May 28, 2014 AT 03:00 PM EDT

Here’s one midnight memory the One Direction boys would like to fade by morning: Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson were “caught” on video allegedly smoking a joint while in a car in Peru. The clip, shot by Tomlinson, was obtained by The Daily Mail and since removed from their site.

According to the Telegraph, Tomlinson jokes on the five-minute tape: “So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!” As he speaks, he and Malik laugh and pass some kind of cigarette back and forth. A spokesman for the band told the Guardian that he has no further comment on the video, adding, “This matter is in the hands of our lawyers.” (A rep for the band didn’t immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.)

Oh man, this is so not a scandal. (On top of everything else, as long as it’s for “personal use,” cannabis smoking is legal in Peru.) But, as anyone who watched One Direction: This Is Us is well aware, the group’s insanely PG image is part of their schtick — particularly in the States, where 1D’s most eyebrow-raising moment previously was Harry Styles’ “relationship” with Taylor Swift.

Interestingly, since the video’s release last night, the overwhelming response from fans seemed to be that this is what makes 1D beautiful — and no little white lies from the band are necessary. At various points Tuesday night and Wednesday morning the following were Trending topics on Twitter: #ZouisPassMeThatBlunt #ZaynandLouis #ZouisYouLightUpThatJointLikeNobodyElse. (Compare and contrast to the outrage that followed, say, Miley Cyrus when she allegedly Smoked Pot While Being a Teen Idol. She maintains it was salvia, a legal drug.)

Is this all part of a calculated effort to age up the band’s appeal — each of its members is 20 or older, after all — with a minor-ish transgression? Unclear for now — but here’s hoping Paul Rudd is holding up okay.

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