Samantha Highfill
May 29, 2014 AT 05:00 PM EDT

If you haven’t already heard the name Julia Collins, it’s only a matter of time.

Collins has now won 18 straight games of Jeopardy, giving her the most wins of any woman in the show’s history and putting her in third place on the show’s all-time win list. Ken Jennings and David Madden currently hold the top two spots for most consecutive non-tournament wins.

But with nearly $400,000 in winnings, Collins isn’t done competing yet. So before she goes on to break any more records, it’s time you got to know a little about her.

For one thing, she’s wanted this since 8th grade. Literally, she wrote it down in her yearbook.

This is everything!!! “@theRightSteph: Found: 8th grade yearbook predictions! @JeopardyJulia & I are both on track.

— Julia (@JeopardyJulia) May 26, 2014

One of the biggest tips future contestants can take away from her success? Have fast fingers.

And in today’s social media-loving world, Collins is one Jeopardy! winner who’s allowing a look behind the curtain by live-tweeting the competition. She reveals which answers she genuinely didn’t know, how she knew others, and tricks of the trade:

The toughest part of today’s #FinalJeopardy? Writing all those words in 30 seconds legibly. That light pen is tricky!

— Julia (@JeopardyJulia) May 22, 2014

So if you’ve always wondered what it feels like to be a Jeopardy! contestant, Collins’ Twitter feed might be your best shot:

Alex Trebek makes a lot more eye contact with contestants and is much more engaged with us than you can see on TV. #jeopardy

— Julia (@JeopardyJulia) May 22, 2014

Next on her agenda: Collins is only one win away from tying David Madden’s record. Get it, girl!

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