Hillary Busis
May 29, 2014 AT 08:59 PM EDT

“Can we talk about how terrifying the words ‘personality test’ are?” asked actress Yael Stone — whom you may know best as red-lipped, self-deluded Lorna Morello on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black — right before sitting down to take EW’s very own pop culture-slanted quiz.

Luckily, the bubbly Aussie passed our “test” with flying colors — waxing rhapsodic about the torch she still carries for Michael Landon’s character on Little House on the Prairie, singing Lauryn Hill songs from the very depths of her soul, and the sci-fi touchstone she saw way too young. (A guy with a melting face is involved.) Before the references started flying, she also opened up a bit about her character’s quirky manner of speaking, which is sort of like a 1940s moll by way of Bora Bora Bora: “It’s like a Long Island sound with some Boston vowels in there, with the ‘ahh’ stuff,” Stone explains. “I wouldn’t like to say that I’m really wonderful, like, that’s my thing — but I really like accents, and I like learning about people’s accents.”

Alas, Stone kept her perfectly colored pout shut tight when asked to spill details on season 2 of the dramedy, which premieres on Netflix June 6 — though she did tease that this year, the series “really travels a lot deeper with all the characters. We’re kind of learning things about people that we’re desperate to know, and then some things we never thought we would know. It gets pretty real.” PSA: You’ve got about a week to rewatch all of season 1 right now. What are you waiting for?

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