Amber Ray
May 31, 2014 AT 08:37 PM EDT

After 25 seasons, The Simpsons still knows how to deliver surprises.

The animated series quietly debuted a new character earlier this month, but not in an episode — Chester Dupree, slacker brother-in-law of Dr. Julius Hibbert, made his first appearance via the mobile game, The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Chester was mentioned — but not seen — in an episode back in Season 24, Gone Abie Gone. Dr. Hibbert asks his wife, Bernice, if she has asked her brother to spy on him. “Chester needs a job, she says. “I paid him to build a shed,” Julius replies. “Where is my shed, Bernice?”

His half-built shed appears in the recently-released Level 41 in Tapped Out, which is a mobile city-building game. (The premise: Homer destroyed Springfield and needs a hand rebuilding the town.) Chester is a premium character whose motto appears to be, “College was the best eight years of my life!”

It’s not the first time a new character was first introduced in Tapped Out. Kumiko Nakamura, a Japanese artist, made her debut in a promotional, limited-run Tapped Out level. It was a tie-in to the Season 25 episode Married to the Blob, in which she appears as Comic Book Guy’s love interest.

EW reached out to Fox to find out if there are plans to feature Chester in the series’ 26th season, premiering this fall. Stay tuned…

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