Ariana Bacle
June 03, 2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Satire isn’t for everyone, apparently: Egyptian television host Bassem Youssef has canceled his Daily Show-esque series, saying “the present climate in Egypt is not suitable for a political satire program.”

Youssef, who’s often described as the “Jon Stewart of the Arab World,” hosted successful satirical news show Al-Bernameg (The Program) for three years. During that time, he frequently ran into trouble because of Egypt’s tense political climate: Just last year, a warrant was issued for Youssef’s arrest when he was accused of insulting then-president Mohamed Morsi and the Islamic faith.

When Youssef was facing arrest, Jon Stewart had him on The Daily Showwhere the two satirists discussed oppression from extreme minorities — something Youssef knows all too well. But he’s done fighting, at least for now. “I’m tired of struggling and worrying about my safety and that of my family,” Youssef said in a press conference Monday, according to Deadline.

Stewart addressed the cancellation on Monday’s Daily Show, criticizing new Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and offering a sincere compliment to Youssef: “Bassem Youssef and his team did a tremendous show under harrowing conditions,” Stewart said. “Congratulations to them on a job very well done.” Watch the clip below:

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