Amber Ray
June 04, 2014 AT 04:28 PM EDT

RoboCop is programmed to follow certain Prime Directives, including “serve the public trust.” Is that where throwing the first pitch at an MLB game comes in?

The cyborg cop took time off from keeping the mean streets of Detroit safe Tuesday night, when he stopped by Comerica Park as the Tigers hosted the Toronto Blue Jays. The visit was part of a promotion in honor of the DVD release of this year’s RoboCop remake, aka #ROBOCOPDay.

It should come as no surprise that RoboCop threw a pretty decent pitch — one much better than 50 Cent tossed. After all, the new-generation officer has internal robotic zoom capabilities for better aim and tracking. Take a look at his arm in the clip below:

A separate event announcing the installation of a RoboCop statue in his home city was canceled Tuesday. A social media campaign for the statue began in 2011. According to a press release, further details about the permanent location of the RoboCop monument will be made at a later date.

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