Tim Stack
June 06, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Hulu’s animated series about a team of outcast superheroes — voiced by Taran Killam, Ike Barinholtz, and Rashida Jones — returns with new allies and enemies. ”I’m lucky to have a very talented stock of friends, all of whom have incredible ability doing different voices,” says co-creator Seth Meyers, who plays leader Prock. Meyers briefs us on the additions — and their real-life alter egos.

Malocchio Jr., Will Forte
The son of The Awesomes‘ evil nemesis — who died in last season’s finale — is an accountant who has the ability to emit a high-pitched sonar blast.
Why He’s So Awesome Forte was one of the great screamers in SNL history. Both in sketches that made the show and in numerous more at the table. The funny thing is that when he’s not screaming, Will is one of the quieter performers in the show’s history — two of his characters, Hamilton and Tim Calhoun, used microphones. Malocchio Jr. was an effort to combine both.”

Lady Malocchio, Maya Rudolph
The widow of Malocchio and mother of Malocchio Jr. isn’t really evil, per se. ”She is one of those mothers who is very supportive, whether he wants to be an accountant or a supervillain,” Meyers says.
Why She’s So Awesome ”Maya played a character on SNL named Glenda Goodwin. Aired one or two times, I think, but was [co-creator] Mike Shoemaker and my favorite voice of all her voices. When we asked Maya to play the part, the first thing she said was ‘Lemme guess, Glenda Goodwin?’ She was right.”

Jaclyn Stone, Amy Poehler
The hard-charging lawyer will be Prock’s season 2 love interest.
Why She’s So Awesome ”Amy’s vocal skill set covers all things: sweet, tough, sexy, funny. A prosecutor/love interest was just one of many roles she could nail but the only one with the catchphrase ‘I’ll sue their dicks off.”’

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