Erin Strecker
June 09, 2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Congrats are in order for Nia Sanchez. Sunday night she was crowned Miss USA — and, perhaps more importantly, she managed to get through the ceremony without giving a cringe-inducing soundbite destined to live in viral infamy. (Isn’t that right, Miss Teen USA 2007?)

During the evening’s interview round, the 24-year-old from Nevada answered a question from judge Rumer Willis (yes, for real) about reports regarding sexual assault on college campuses, and what sort of policy should be implemented to combat it.

“I believe that some colleges may potentially be afraid of having a bad reputation. And that would be a reason it could be swept under the rug, because they don’t want that to come out into the public,” Sanchez said. “But I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.”

Not exactly a feminist thesis, but at least she didn’t refer to anybody as U.S. Americans! Watch her winning moment below:

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