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June 10, 2014 AT 07:00 PM EDT

It’s almost time to re-enter Rosewood, a place where cyberbullies reign, high schoolers come back from the dead, and more than one member of the DiLaurentis family has been dragged to a grave. And after the Pretty Little Liars season 4 finale left us with a wounded Ezra and a potentially dead Mrs. D, season 5 will pick up right where we left off: On the way to the hospital and full of questions. So what now?

First things first, EW paid a visit to the PLL set to try and get some of those questions answered before the emotional trauma of another season begins. Here’s what we learned:

Hanna Marin

Ever since fans got word of Tyler Blackburn’s return to Pretty Little Liars, they’ve been champing at the bit for some Haleb news. But for now, they’re going to have to sit tight. At least for the moment, Ashley Benson told us Hanna is a little preoccupied with Travis. “I don’t know if it’s serious or not, but we are together,” Benson said.

As for the other men in Hanna’s life, fans can expect to see more of her relationship with Lucas upon his return. “He is back, and I’m sure if he was doing this interview, he would tell you that he upgraded. His look is completely different and he has a haircut and facial hair now. He is more trendy and stylish and not nerdy. He is kind of like a cool Lucas. It’s fun to see him like that. We have had some great scenes together.”

But believe it or not, Hanna’s biggest arc this season has nothing to do with men. Now that Ali is back in the fold, Hanna will struggle to find her place within the group. Despite Benson claiming that the Liars are “closer than ever” in trying to figure out if they can trust Ali, she also admits that Hanna goes down a dark path this year. For one thing, Ali’s return forces Hanna to change her look. Benson teased that Hanna will cut her hair, add some black to it, and give her overall wardrobe an “edgy feel.” “I think she’s kind of having an identity crisis with who she is because she always took the place of Alison,” Benson said.

Part two of Hanna’s spiral will be less physical and more mental. “I think she’s going to go through a lot of struggles with herself, with relationships and her self confidence,” Benson said. “I think she’s gonna lean more towards vices like alcohol and stuff like that. In season 1, she drank a little bit, and I think they are slowly gonna bring that back in.”

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty added, “Hanna kinda started to look like Ali [when she disappeared]. The town doesn’t need two Ali’s. [That] can be scary, can lead to poor choices.”

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