The Fifty Best Scenes on TV |


The Fifty Best Scenes on TV

From ''Breaking Bad'' to ''Veep,'' here's a list of our fifty favorite scenes from the past year. (Emmy voters, take note.)

Breaking Bad (Ep. 14, ''Ozymandias'') (AMC)

No. 1 Breaking Bad, AMC (Ep. 14, ”Ozymandias”)
SCENE Walt (Bryan Cranston) tries to get the family to run.
WHY You could argue that the whole series was building to this moment. Since the first episode, Walt has claimed that he got into selling meth to protect his family. Hank has to die before everyone realizes the truth: The family needs to protect itself from Walt. It’s hard to pick the most devastating shot. Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) throwing a scrawny arm in front of his mom (Anna Gunn) to save her from his dad? Skyler, perfectly framed between a telephone and a set of knives, forced to choose whether to call the cops on her husband or kill him herself? Baby Holly crying as Walt kidnaps her while Skyler, broken, drops to her knees in the middle of the street? Maybe the worst thing about this gruesome scene is that it’s only happening because Skyler believes Walt killed Hank. After all the truly monstrous, evil things he’s lied about, the one thing she’s willing to kill him for is the one thing he didn’t do.