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Second Coming

From ''The Comeback'' to ''Community'' to ''The Transporter,'' a slew of dearly departed projects are finding new lives

Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback (Doug Hyun/HBO)

Everything old is new again, with more TV and movie reboots and remakes announced every day. Why does Hollywood continue to revive preexisting properties — even ones that weren’t necessarily massive hits the first time around? ”With all the content on networks and cable and streaming, if something has built-in awareness, it helps with publicity and marketing,” explains Eric Tannenbaum , executive producer on CBS’ reboot of the iconic ’70s sitcom The Odd Couple. Here’s a look at the high-profile franchise revivals that are currently in the works…or just have hopeful fans buzzing.

The Comeback
Nine years after HBO axed its meta-mockumentary about a washed-up actress (Lisa Kudrow ) clinging to fame, the series has continued to gain popularity online and on demand. So the network offered creators Kudrow and Michael Patrick King the chance to revive Valerie Cherish. ”People started talking about The Comeback again, and all of a sudden we got a call from HBO that they missed Valerie,” explains King. Expect The Comeback’s comeback this fall with a six-episode limited series.