James Hibberd
June 14, 2014 AT 04:36 PM EDT

Here’s an exclusive look at the script for Tyrion Lannister’s awesome trial scene from HBO’s Game of Thrones. Writer Bryan Cogman tells EW of his scene from this season’s sixth episode, “The Laws of Gods and Men”: “This is a moment we’ve been building to ever since the beginning. Every scene with Tyrion [Peter Dinklage], every interaction, was all leading up to this moment. The Shae [Sibel Kekilli] moment triggers what’s been building up inside him his entire life. He was going to take his father’s deal and go quietly and then decides he’d rather die than give in. But before he dies, he’s going to tell them all what he really thinks of them. It’s a fun trial scene, but really it’s a scene about the Lannister family. … It’s an incredibly physical acting performance from Peter even before he launches into his speech. The thing about Peter is there’s probably 15 takes that we didn’t use that you could have slotted in and it’s equally incredible and an entirely different version of the same scene. I keep coming back to how piercing his gaze is throughout that speech, he’s just stabbing daggers into every person he’s talking to.”

Below is the script (NSFW language). What’s particularly cool about this is how so many of the subtle intricacies of Cogman’s description were so clearly conveyed by the otherwise mute actors in the scene.

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