Darren Franich
June 17, 2014 AT 07:13 PM EDT

Microsoft made the bold decision to spend E3 pitching the Xbox One as a lovable videogame console — a notable shift from the company’s previous strategy of pitching the Xbox One as the Orwellian super-device that watches you when you sleep and costs a hundred dollars more than the PlayStation 4. But now comes a new wrinkle: a commercial for the Xbox One featuring Breaking Bad star and Need for Speed refugee Aaron Paul. Paul appears to love his Xbox One. He commands it to turn on using just his voice. “Xbox on!” he says.

Now, the twist: According to IGN, several Xbox One owners have reported that Aaron Paul saying “Xbox on!” in the commercial actually turns on their Xbox One. It’s especially awkward, since — if you took the time to fully set up the Xbox One — then Paul saying “Xbox on!” actually interrupts the commercial and sends you to the Xbox home screen, away from whatever you were watching on TV. Personally, I find this story a little bit hard to believe, since I usually have to scream “Xbox on!” 15 times through a megaphone before my Xbox One finally turns on. But here’s the commercial, so give it a try if you have an Xbox One, which you probably don’t:

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