Heidi Gutman/ABC
Jackson McHenry
June 17, 2014 AT 01:28 PM EDT

It looks like another perfect day — for Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed the terms of a bet between the L.A. leader and New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, over the results of the Stanley Cup Finals. If the Rangers won, Mayor Garcetti would have to sing “New York, New York” on the show. If the Kings won — and they did — Mayor de Blasio would sing “I Love LA.”

Mayor de Blasio made good on his word, appearing via satellite on Kimmel and performing along with kids from New York’s 52nd Street Project student chorus. “We New Yorkers honor our bets, but I don’t have that great a singing voice,” he joked.

While Mayor de Blasio also delivered an order of hot dogs from Gray’s Papaya to Kimmel’s studio audience, Mayor Garcetti — who watched the performance in LA — decided to stick to his preferred choice: hot dogs from Pink’s, an LA staple. He claimed Pink’s dogs make Gray’s Papaya dogs “taste like a steaming bag of New York garbage.” Mayor Garcetti’s already gotten in trouble for dropping an f-bomb over the hockey finals, but this might go a little too far.

Still, Mayor de Blasio wasn’t about to leave it at that: “This ain’t over,” he told Garcetti, only half jokingly. “You better practice your Sinatra for next year.”

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