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Which 'Breaking Bad' reference is the tentative title for Bryan Cranston’s memoir?


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With Breaking Bad behind us and Better Call Saul in front of us, right now is a tough time for Bad addicts. Sure, we can re-watch the show or even pop in a full-length documentary about it, but we can’t get back the feeling of watching Walter White put on the Heisenberg hat for the first time. We can’t re-experience the fear of watching Gus take a box cutter to a man’s throat. And there’s no way we’ll ever relive the millions of emotions that overpowered us when Jack killed Hank.

But what we can do is debate the best episodes, talk about our favorite scene of season 5, follow Aaron Paul’s every move, and await the arrival of Bryan Cranston’s memoir.

I realize that Cranston’s book doesn’t seem like a Breaking Bad-specific event. And there’s no guarantee that it is; after all, Cranson did plenty of stuff before Bad, and he’s done plenty of stuff since. Still, the actor has been vocal about how Breaking Bad was a transformative experience for him – so it’s safe to say the show will be discussed.

Now that we’ve learned the tentative title for Cranston’s book, we’re even more excited to give it a read. But first, we have a challenge for you: Can you pick Cranston’s true title out of the Breaking Bad references below?

I Am The Danger
The One Who Knocks
Say My Name
In the Empire Business
Pizza on the Roof
Stay Out of My Territory
Treading Lightly
You’re Goddamn Right
I Did It For Me
Taking Yes for an Answer
Bryan Cranston’s Memoir, Bitch
The Man Who Shot Mike

OK, that last one was just for me.

Regardless, EW has confirmed the correct answer: Say My Name. It’s only the tentative title and is subject to change – but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.