Jackson McHenry
June 19, 2014 AT 10:19 PM EDT

Wine, millennials, lingering resentment from college: As Girls has shown, these are the necessary ingredients for a memorable weekend.

Directed by Jesse Zwick, About Alex follows seven college friends who reunite over a long weekend after hearing news that one of their pals, the eponymous Alex (Jason Ritter), has had an emotional breakdown. But as the trailer reveals, About Alex also focuses on how the friends have drifted away from their college closeness.

At the center of the group, Sarah (Aubrey Plaza) and Josh (Max Greenfield) are the couple that’s stuck together but who are also struggling to deal with feelings for — or at least awkward moments with — old flames Isaac (Max Minghella) and Siri (Maggie Grace). It remains to be seen whether the group will successfully navigate the tangle of friendships and suppressed feelings. Will they return from their posh cabin in the woods emotionally restored?

Describing itself as a “big chill for our current social media moment,” About Alex will open on Aug. 8. Until then, feel free to go on with your life obliviously, frittering away the time that you could spend really connecting with people on a deeper level.

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