Ashley Fetters
June 19, 2014 AT 11:02 PM EDT

At the end of this month, NBA star LeBron James may or may not leave the Miami Heat and enter free agency. According to outlets like CBS Sports, chances are the Heat’s small forward will stay where he is. But, despite an ugly breakup in 2010, there’s a small chance he could return to his home state and sign with his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James said this week that he hasn’t decided yet, but a new video created by the social media team at Bleacher Report slyly suggests one man who could successfully coax James back to Cleveland: Mad Men’s Don Draper, a man famous for doing lots of successful coaxing.

With photos from LeBron’s years with the Cavaliers spliced into footage of Don’s instant-classic, first-season “Carousel” pitch, the clip shows Don working his ad-sales magic on LeBron by appealing to his fond memories of Cleveland. Don talks in hushed tones about that “place we ache to go again” while the Carousel projects warmly lit images from James’ early years across an old-timey screen. “It lets us travel the way a child travels,” he says. “Around and around, then back home again, to a place where we know we are loved.”

Or, you know, a place where we are loved, and then hated, and then cursed and sent hate mail written in Comic Sans. It’s a pretty unpleasant memory, overall, actually. Maybe that’s why Harry Crane is crying.

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