Listen to Beni's housey new track 'Protect' |

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Listen to Beni's housey new track 'Protect'


With all the uptempo vocal house flying around right now, the summer of 2014 is shaping up to sound a lot like the summer of 1990, when Deee-Lite, C+C Music Factory, and Technotronic dominated radio with a funky, dance-floor-friendly iron fist. Australian producer Beni just added a contribution to this not-unwelcome trend with his new single “Protect,” featuring vocal duo Antony & Cleopatra, who are earning a reputation as the go-to group for dance music producers looking to add a little organic humanness to their tracks.

Due for an official release via the Modular label, “Protect” is a mix of hooky vocals, perky high-hats, and and a bouncy bass line that sounds thoroughly modern while still strongly suggesting you follow it up by revisiting some Soul II Soul cuts. Stream it here: