Miles Raymer
June 26, 2014 AT 05:38 PM EDT

World’s most swaggerful couple Jay Z and Beyoncé kicked off their On the Run tour last night in Miami, and the audience-shot videos that have been popping up online indicate that the spectacle lives up to the epic cinematic trailer they released for it last month.

The trailer’s faux-heist-flick premise continues into a preshow film set to a chopped-up edit of Future’s drug-slinging anthem “Move That Dope” shown on an enormous on-stage screen before the pair emerge in a cloud of smoke to the tune of “’03 Bonnie and Clyde”—their first venture into pretending to be movie stars pretending to be criminals. Later in the 42-song set, they show a montage of footage from their wedding and some clips of Blue Ivy, underlining the fact that On the Run isn’t just a concert tour but sort of a cult ceremony devoted to the worship of the Jay-and-Bey unit. Those rumors about the pair getting divorced (over Mya, of all things) look kind of silly compared to the sheer magnitude of this love fest.

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