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5 First-Rate Hollywood Romans À Clef

We list our favorite coming of age stories

1. The Carpetbaggers, 1961
Harold Robbins’ lusty, brawling tale of early Hollywood is racy even by today’s standards.

2. Once Is Not Enough, 1973
Greta Garbo was the inspiration for Jacqueline Susann’s deliciously naughty best-seller.

3. Hollywood, 1989
After writing the script for the film Barfly, Charles Bukowski wrote a novel about the experience.

4. My Last Movie Star, 2003
Celebrity journalist Martha Sherrill spoofed the movie biz via made-up It Girl Allegra Coleman.

5. Third Girl From The Left, 2005
Martha Southgate set her stunning novel in the world of ’70s blaxploitation films.