Samantha Highfill
July 08, 2014 AT 08:23 PM EDT

As much as it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, you might be surprised to learn that it’s also always sunny in Moscow. Well, sort of.

Philadelphia’s City Paper has discovered that there is a Russian knockoff of the hit American show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is titled—you guessed it—It’s Always Sunny in Moscow. The Russian take on the show premiered on May 12 and has reportedly aired 16 episodes, drawing inspiration from the first three seasons of the American show. City Paper used Google Translate on the official page of the TNT network to learn a little bit more about the show. For example, its description starts: “Strong friendship, true love, idealism, nobility and dignity, humility and kindness—all this has nothing to do with the heroes of the series ‘In Moscow always sunny.'”

And the U.S. version is described as “An American television series, devised and embodied Rob MakElhenni, Glenn Houertonom and Charlie Dai. It’s the story about the situations in which heroes—the owners of Paddy’s Pub, not too successful Irish pub in Philadelphia.”

Apparently, this situation isn’t all that uncommon—remember the Turkish O.C. remake?—but it doesn’t make it any less strange. And in terms of It’s Always Sunny, the show doesn’t seem to be translating well, according to fan reactions. Judge for yourself:

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