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July 18, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Born to Be Weird
I was thrilled to see your article on ”Weird Al” Yankovic. As a longtime fan and a father, I am learning what a joy it is to experience his work anew through the eyes and ears of a child. My 7-year-old daughter is especially fond of Al’s short-lived Saturday-morning kids’ show, while I prefer his feature film UHF. Needless to say, we are both looking forward to the new album, thanks in part to your coverage!
Tim Sandifer
Alton, Ill.

As kids, my friend and I would call each other every Sunday night for lively debates over who Dr. Demento chose for the Funny Five that week. I still take this nonsense very seriously, so it was great to read about the genesis of all those ”Weird Al” songs. He’s bright, he’s humble, he’s enormously talented, and he’s friggin’ hilarious.
Barbara Prisco Younger

The Tao of Dalton
Dalton Ross not only makes my day on EW Radio, he’s now made my week with…marital advice (”Ask Dalton”)? You bet. His brilliant and brave discourse on the sensitive topic of covert DVR deletions between spouses allowed me to rest easy knowing I did the right thing when I secretly deleted my husband’s recordings of a canceled show (sorry ’bout Almost Human, babe). Dalton, I’d share my DVR remote with you anytime.
Allison Gudenau
Grosse Pointe, Mich.

I love Dalton, but may I add one caveat to his column? Please do not sneak food into small independent and/or nonprofit theaters. These mom-and-pop theaters are doing everything they can to survive. They may have only a single screen, and concessions can make or break a screening…especially one that isn’t well attended. In this age of VOD, Netflix, and busy schedules, it’s difficult to cover the cost of paying for the movie, let alone employee salaries and utilities. So when at your local theater, please buy a popcorn, a drink, or a candy bar. Hell, buy all three.
M.A. Jackson, Hollywood Theater

Darcy Through the Ages
Thanks for your roundup of Mr. Darcys in First Look. But you missed one! Laurence Olivier‘s Darcy in 1940’s Pride and Prejudice is a fun contrast to the modern versions.
Maryln Lawrence
Traverse City, Mich.

After checking out the different Darcys, I have to say I’m disappointed you didn’t include William Darcy from the Web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. He was a fresh take and more relatable to a younger audience of P&P fans.
Monica Mottley
Westminster, Md.

Thumb of Approval
I enjoyed ”Roger Ebert’s Favorite Movies,” not only because, with a few exceptions, it could have been my list, but because now I’ll have to rewatch and reevaluate the ones I didn’t put on there.
Donann Cavin
Mississauga, Ontario

Revisiting Big Summer Bombs
In the summer months, certain movies have been notorious for their sky-high budgets — and rock-bottom returns. Readers opened the vault and gave their takes on these epic fails.

The Lone Ranger (2013)
The title character mostly behaves like a bumbling doofus — the complete antithesis of the iconic original. The movie should’ve been called Tonto instead, with the focus on that character. —LM

Green Lantern (2011)
Its biggest mistake was that it rushed right to Green Lantern‘s most epic villain. It should have gone with Sinestro and teased Parallax, not the other way around. —Stefan Huddleston

Speed Racer (2008)
Great movie. It came out at a terrible time (right after the first Iron Man) and could have been trimmed by 15 to 30 minutes. It definitely deserved better than it got. —Matt

Ishtar (1987)
This has gone down in history for one reason: the budget. All that money for a cute comedy. If it had cost a sane amount, it would’ve been enjoyed as an amusing diversion. —Cinephile8

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