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Video: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert fight over who's the bigger Star Wars fan

Stewart Vs Colbert

Stephen Colbert has long made it known that he’s a master of Tolkien trivia. But now he and fellow comedy news host Jon Stewart are duking it out over factoids from a galaxy far, far away.

Much like the Ewoks and Rebel Alliance midway through Return of the Jedi, Stewart and Colbert join forces for a greater cause: a promotional video for Star Wars: Force for Change, a fundraiser to benefit UNICEF in which fans can earn a part in J.J. Abrams’s upcoming film. Stewart proclaims to Colbert that he’s the biggest Star Wars fan, which prompts a competitive retort from Colbert. Then, determining that a knife fight probably isn’t the best plan, Colbert and Stewart decided to settle the matter through a trivia contest.

Well, there is some trivia. Mostly, Stewart and Colbert dress up in Star Wars outfits (Princess Leia buns do appear), mime the effects of the force, and close with a Han and Leia tribute.

Originally posted July 18 2014 — 10:00 AM EDT

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