Jackson McHenry
July 23, 2014 AT 01:24 PM EDT

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel returned to late-night television after a two-week hiatus surrounding the birth of his daughter Jane. He showed off photos of the newborn on TV, before seguing into some of his regularly scheduled jokes. But maybe Kimmel—who also has two children from a previous marriage—realized his parenting skills were a little rusty, because on Tuesday night he revealed his new baby consultant.

Instead of asking a doctor, teacher, or even a parent, Kimmel went straight to a seven-year-old boy. Or rather, the gravest possible 7-year-old boy called Vere (V-e-r-e, as he dutifully spells it out). Kimmel asked for advice on how to be a cool dad, whether it would be a good idea for a baby to throw knives, and when it would be appropriate to get his kid to say the F-word.

Vere took his questions very seriously.

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