Laurie Sparham
Jeff Labrecque
July 24, 2014 AT 07:30 PM EDT

In the new teaser for Before I Go to Sleep, Nicole Kidman plays a traumatized woman who can’t remember the violent attack she suffered 10 years ago. Her husband (Colin Firth) and doctor (Mark Strong) say they only want to help her recover, but every morning, when she wakes up, her memory of everything is gone. So she starts to document her days, Memento style, so that each day slowly brings her closer to the truth.

The debut 2011 novel from S.J. Watson was a best-seller, and Ridley Scott’s production company quickly nabbed its rights. Rowan Joffe, who wrote 28 Weeks Later, adapted the novel and directed the film, which opens Sept. 12 in the U.S.


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