Keith Staskiewicz
July 25, 2014 AT 11:08 PM EDT

The folks behind Outlander, Starz’s upcoming time-traveling romance series, just unveiled their first full trailer. Based on the popular cycle of books of the same name by Diana Gabaldon, the show follows a woman from 1945 who gets sent hurtling back through chronology to period Scotland, where she discovers love and adventure atop the highlands of Caledonia. Check out the trailer below:

Battlestar Galactica head Ronald D. Moore is among the creatives behind translating the story from page to screen, and he’s pretty dedicated to the material: Moore showed up to the San Diego Comic-Con panel adorned in a kilt. Gabaldon joined him and the cast on the dais and praised Moore’s pilot, telling the Ballroom 6 audience, “I said this is the only thing based on my work that I’ve ever seen that didn’t make me turn white or burst into flame.”

Outlander premieres Aug. 9 on Starz.

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