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Macy Gray kills in music video for (another song called) 'Bang Bang'

Bang Bang Macy Gray

The scene in Macy Gray’s latest music video for “Bang Bang” starts out innocent enough: There’s drinking, some dancing, poker. Then things quickly escalate until two people are dead. Oops?

“Bang Bang,” the first single off Gray’s upcoming The Way, has the same jazzy, sultry sound Gray is known for, complete with her signature raspy voice. And no, it’s nothing like the other “Bang Bang”—you know, the one with Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj that everyone’s talking about—although the two songs not only share a name, but also dropped the same day.

“Bang Bang” marks the first original song Gray’s released since 2010’s The Sellout. The Way is out October 7.

Originally posted July 30 2014 — 2:10 PM EDT


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