Recast 'Game of Thrones' princess posts hilarious video reaction |

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Recast 'Game of Thrones' princess posts hilarious video reaction

GoT Myrcella Baratheon

(Helen Sloan/HBO)

It’s a hard life, playing a princess on Game of Thrones. Sure, you get some guaranteed screen time whenever someone gets married. Sure, there’s always the ambient possibility that you’re suddenly going to become the most important character 40 episodes after you get introduced. But Thrones has also made a habit of recasting some of its minor characters, aging them upwards or beardwards, clearly operating under the assumption that people can barely keep track of the show’s 5,000 characters already.

And so it was that Aimee Richardson—a day 1 Thrones cast member who played nominal Baratheon/actual Lannister incest baby Myrcella from the pilot onwards—was banished from Westeros. When Thrones announced its season 5 cast, they also announced that Myrcella would now be played by Nell Tiger Free. Richardson reacted with good humor to the news, posting the following vine:

Surely there’s a slot for her on Once Upon a Time, right? Like, she could play Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, but as a Were-Dalmatian?