Jackson McHenry
August 01, 2014 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Julia Roberts must not have related to Amber from Clueless, because she’ll happily engage in an activity where balls fly at her nose.

Continuing a growing tradition of getting celebrities to do ridiculous things on national television, Jimmy Fallon enlisted Roberts in a game of “Face Balls” Thursday night. The premise? The two would throw see-through inflatable balls at each other’s faces, then watch their reactions in slow motion.

The result is simultaneously just as weird and stranger than expected. One of Robert’s shots crumples Fallon’s nose, while Fallon gets in one shot that totally distorts the face of America’s Sweetheart. Still, she manages to be pretty game through the whole experience: “This is like the comedy version of Fifty Shades of Grey,” Roberts jokes at one point.

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