Clark Collis
August 04, 2014 AT 09:57 PM EDT

Director Peter Jackson is a longtime fan of Doctor Who, and last year told EW he would dearly love to direct an episode of the long-running British science-fiction show, which returns to BBC America on Aug. 23. “They don’t even have to pay me,” Jackson said. “But I have got my eye on one of those nice new gold-colored Daleks.”

So what’s the holdup? Well, according to Doctor Who showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat, the Hobbit overlord has been too busy overlording The Hobbit to think about sitting in the director’s chair for Who.

“If he’s up for it, we’ll do it,” says Moffat. “But he’s very hard to get hold of at times. He did show up and do a bit for the Five-ish Doctors, for Peter [Davison]. He is a fan. He does love it. He always seems to be terribly busy doing the Hobbit. I know he’s insanely busy. He does want to direct the next Tintin [a sequel to 2011’s Moffat-co-penned The Adventures of Tintin] and is struggling to schedule around his difficult life. It’s just difficult to get these guys tied down—but he is a genuinely big Doctor Who fan.”

Bernard: Kelsey McNeal/Fox; O'Quinn: Mario Perez/ABC

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