Miles Raymer
August 04, 2014 AT 07:07 PM EDT

There are about a million covers of Lorde’s “Royals.” Predictably, most of them are cutesy ukulele renditions, since it’s an Internet law that any song that gets even remotely popular has to be repeatedly, cutely covered on ukulele. But there are a few that actually aren’t total garbage, including Mayer Hawthorne’s smooth-funk version and T-Pain’s version where he rewrites the lyrics into an entertainingly candid portrait of his pre-fame life, which is the best.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg, who makes farming-themed parody videos of popular songs like “Happy” and “Timber” (the latter of which he turns into a surreal and vaguely disturbing story about a cow that learns to twerk), recently released a YouTube video where he performs an arrangement of “Royals” for solo trombone. It’s not the most polished rendition, but the video—and the unexpected improvised assist on backing vocals from his, shall we say, non-traditional audience—injects it with more than enough charm to deserve viewing.

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