Miles Raymer
August 06, 2014 AT 06:49 PM EDT

Eighteen-year-old Australian Tkay Maidza is the closest thing we have right now to a reincarnation of early M.I.A.—that is, M.I.A. as she was before the massive record deals and truffle fries and Madonna co-signs, when she was making a big racket out of sounds collected from around the world with the chaotic but innocent glee of a toddler smashing toy trucks together. Over the past year, she has released a string of singles that mix together glitchy electronic noise, hip-hop’s rolling rhythms (not to mention its unabashed swagger), and some truly uncanny natural pop instincts—and in the process, she has become a cult star in the increasingly influential antipodean EDM scene.

At this point it seems like just a matter of time before she ends up following M.I.A.’s path from fringy dance-music sensation to mainstream pop stardom. If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor, check out her new video for “U-Huh.” With its cowbell-heavy beat, rudely blurting synthesizers, Jackson-5-ish guitar lick, and Maidza’s singsongy rapping, it’s giddy, rowdy, and the perfect introduction to an artist worth watching.

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