David M. Russell/CBS
Sara Vilkomerson
August 08, 2014 AT 08:04 PM EDT

First of all, we know: everyone is awesome on The Good Wife. (We love you, Alicia and Eli and Jackie and Finn and Will Gardner’s Ghost!)

But on this yearand certainly we can all agree that the show’s fifth season was truly extraordinary, as well as ridiculously snubbed by the Emmys—it was Diane Lockhart who managed to get even more awesome. After all, she had a lot to contend with: She was up for and lost a Supreme Court nomination. Her fourth years left to start a competing company. There’s a Game of Thrones-like power struggle threatening her future at the firm she created.

And, of course, there was the death of Will Gardner. Never before have we seen this always elegant lady be anything but the picture of composure. But the loss of Diane’s best friend/platonic husband/partner did her in like nothing else. (Watch this video if you dare.) The loss also brought about new shades of amazing for Diane. Whether she’s digging deep into the depths of her flinty resolve to take the reins of her future or drinking martinis with Alicia after Will’s funeral and discussing the absurdity of funerals and mothers, she continually surprises us.

And, not for nothing, she’ll always be the best accessorized woman on TV.

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