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'Outlander' Series

Excited about the new Starz show? Then this is the perfect time to rip through all eight of Diana Gabaldon's brawling, sexy, smart 18th-century adventures

1. Outlander
Finding herself plopped back into 1743, Claire Randall marries strapping clansman Jamie Fraser, and the two plot to change the course of history — until Claire becomes pregnant. 688 pp. = 11 hrs. & 25 mins.

2. Dragonfly in Amber
For her safety, Jamie has sent Claire back to her 20th-century husband, Frank. It’s now 1968, and Claire, who’s never told her daughter Brianna the truth about her father, spills the entire tale, flashing back to her years with Jamie and their attempts to divert the Jacobite rebellion. 752 pp. = 12 hrs. & 30 mins.

3. Voyager
When Claire discovers that Jamie did not die in the bloody Battle of Culloden in 1746, as she has always thought, she makes the epic decision to find him and plunges once more through the stone-circle time portal. 880 pp. = 14 hrs. & 40 mins.

4. Drums of Autumn
Claire and Jamie, who have landed in America, decide to settle in North Carolina, and Brianna tumbles through the stones to join them. 896 pp. = 14 hrs. & 55 mins.

5. The Fiery Cross
Jamie’s knowledge of the approaching Revolutionary War puts him in a difficult situation as he and Claire build a community around their mountaintop homestead. 992 pp. = 16 hrs. & 30 mins.

6. A Breath of Snow and Ashes
Political turmoil and horrific violence are countered by moments of warmth and humor (Claire discovers a penis syringe — a treatment for syphilis — that can double as a modern hypodermic needle). 992 pp. = 16 hrs. & 30 mins.

7. An Echo in the Bone
War is at hand, and the Frasers join the Continental Army. What is already a complex series gets even more complicated, leaping between centuries, multiple romances, and new narrators. 832 pp. = 13 hrs. & 50 mins.

8. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood
It’s beginning to look like the ragtag American army might win — and Jamie and Claire have somehow survived. Meanwhile, in the 20th century, Brianna’s son is stalked by someone — or something — evil. 848 pp. = 14 hrs. & 10 mins.

What’s Next for Gabaldon
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A prequel volume about Jamie’s parents
A contemporary crime novel
Book 9 (”At the moment, there are only scraps.”)