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Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson building an airline company

Bruce Dickinson

(Paul Thomas/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Aside from being the lead singer in one of the world’s most famous heavy metal bands, Bruce Dickinson has another passion: airplanes. He’s a licensed pilot and often flies his band across continents during world tours. His hobby was featured in an Iron Maiden concert movie, Flight 666.

Last year, Dickinson started a company that “mixes airline leasing, plane maintenance and pilot training,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Now, Cardiff Aviation has revealed plans to expand into an airline with 10 planes, based in a 132,000-square-foot hangar in Wales.

In addition to the planes he’ll keep running constantly, Dickinson plans to ask airlines for their old, discarded planes, refurbish them, and sublease them to bolster his fleet during holiday seasons, when seats are in higher demand. He will train the pilots from his headquarters in Wales. Fly on your way like an eagle, Bruce Dickinson. Fly as high as the sun.

Originally posted August 12 2014 — 12:14 PM EDT

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