Sarah Cass
Miles Raymer
August 12, 2014 AT 06:13 PM EDT

Singer-songwriter Emily Beanblossom played in about a million bands and released one LP under the name Ruby Fray while she was living in indie-rock mecca Olympia, Washington. Then, she packed up and moved to the more southerly hipster hotspot of Austin, Texas. Her move, her new hometown’s suffocating weather, and its local fauna all had a direct influence on the second Ruby Fray album, Grackle, which comes out on the illustrious Olympia label K Records on Sept. 30.

It’s not hard to hear the confluence of oppressive heat and acid-fried hippie mysticism on the single “Photograph,” where bluesy folk-rock commingles with synthesizer flourishes and Beanblossom’s otherworldly vocals, and ends up sounding like the cooler burnout little sister to Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast.”

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