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Jimmy Fallon gets power played by a former 'Tonight' host in 'House of Cards' parody

House Of Cue Cards

(Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)

Like political offices on House of Cards, TV hosting gigs aren’t assigned through democracy. So it’s almost no surprise that when Jimmy Fallon did a parody of the popular Netflix drama on The Tonight Show Tuesday, his hosting chair was quickly nabbed by a former Tonight star.

Until then, Fallon did his best take on Kevin Spacey’s accented monologuing—complete with a patronizing explanation of how phones work and this line: “I love that woman more than people love their friend’s Netflix password.” Along the way, he also managed to send up House of Card’s weird fascination with showing texts onscreen and its habit of having Frank and Claire Underwood smoke forbiddingly by darkened windows. There was also an appearance from Red, the fiery Russian chef from Netflix’s other biggest hit, Orange is the New Black. But as Fallon pointed out, that bit was happening elsewhere.



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