Ladies in white bow to the sun in Black Keys' 'Weight of Love' video |

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Ladies in white bow to the sun in The Black Keys' 'Weight of Love' video

Weight Of Love

The Black Keys’ video for “Fever” featured frontman Dan Auerbach as a televangelist who inspires a, well, fever among his audience members. That televangelist is back in the band’s new video for “Weight of Love”—but this time, he’s on the television screen in a cult’s house.

The video, directed by Theo Wenner and starring model Lara Stone, focuses on a group of female cultists who wear all white and don’t care if their nipples slip out from their flowing shirts every so often. They wash their clothes in the sea; they braid each others’ hair; they do jumping jacks together. It’s The Leftovers meets Top of the Lakeexcept every member of the cult looks like she’s plucked from an Urban Outfitters photoshoot.

“Weight of Love” is off The Black Keys’ latest album Turn Blue.