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Also Playing in October

Quick looks at additional films in theaters this October

The Good Lie
In this fact-based drama, a no-nonsense single woman (Reese Witherspoon) helps four Sudanese refugees start over in the U.S. 10/3

Left Behind
There’s no good place to be during the Rapture, but Nicolas Cage has the misfortune of piloting a jumbo jet when most of humanity vanishes. 10/3

Dreamgirls’ Sharon Leal flirts with disaster when she starts a steamy affair with a hunky artist (William Levy). 10/10

One Chance
The true story of amateur opera singer Paul Potts’ (James Corden) ascent from obscurity to Britain’s Got Talent champion. 10/10

You’re Not You
A terminally ill woman (Hilary Swank) bonds with the aimless college student (Emmy Rossum) she hires to be her caretaker. 10/10

The Best of Me
James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan rekindle their teenage romance 20 years later in a Nicholas Sparks adaptation that’s totally not The Notebook. 10/17

The Book of Life
Diego Luna and Channing Tatum fight for Zoe Saldana’s affections in an animated confection produced by Guillermo del Toro. 10/17

Dracula Untold
Even Dracula has an origin story. Turns out the demon of the night (The Hobbit’s Luke Evans) was once just a family man looking to protect his clan from Mehmed the Conquerer. 10/17

Listen Up Philip
A darkly comic tale of a narcissistic jerk of a writer (Jason Schwartzman) searching for some peace. 10/17

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a loner who explores the seedy side of L.A. as a freelance videographer chasing crime stories for local TV newscasts. 10/17

William H. Macy’s feature directorial debut follows an ad exec (Billy Crudup) who discovers his late son’s demos and lyrics, and then forms a band. 10/17