Feedback: Aug. 22/Aug. 29, 2014 |


Feedback: Aug. 22/Aug. 29, 2014

Your appreciation for our Comic-Con coverage, undying loyalty to ''Doctor Who,'' and more

Fantasy and Reality
As a huge Marvel fan, I was excited to read your Avengers 2 feature (#1321/1322). So who would’ve thought my favorite article would be on Stampy Cat? Being the mom of two Minecraft fanatics, I’m bombarded daily with Stampy YouTube videos. Your article was like a ”stamp” of approval, so now I feel much better when I hear those English voices in the house.
Jennie Thibodeau
Waterboro, Maine

I loved seeing Drew Struzan in EW. My man cave is adorned with a dozen movie posters — the majority of which are his. His comic-realistic images always catch my eye, and I can pick out his work whenever I’m at the cineplex.
Darren Selberg

Nothing changes. In The Terminator: An Oral History, James Cameron still paints me as the bad guy. But casting Arnold was my idea, not his. Plus, he got the money to make the film, which got his career started, thanks to me. It was a film no other studio wanted to make. Successful movies have a lot of fathers — if The Terminator had been a dud, I would have taken the hit. And don’t forget that TriStar, under my guidance, released Terminator 2, a box office smash. That should end the chapter.
Mike Medavoy, Phoenix Pictures
Los Angeles

Vicarious Thrills
Every summer, I start thinking about how the words ”Go to Comic-Con” have remained unchecked on my bucket list year after year. Luckily, I can count on EW to keep me thoroughly updated on all the fun I can’t afford to have (#1323). Thanks to you, I haven’t resorted to selling organs on the black market. Yet.
Katherine Harris
Kingsport, Tenn.

Who’s Greatest Hits
Kudos for mining Doctor Who history in ”Getting to Know Who” by including episodes like the ”City of Death” arc. And David Tennant’s ”School Reunion” was a masterful bridge between old and new. That’s what’s made Who amazing over the years: It may change the history of its own canon (War Doctor!) but in ways that respect and enhance what’s come before.
Michael McMann
Santa Rosa, Calif.

Setting the Mood
Two pages devoted to cult favorite Twin Peaks (Binge!) and not even a mention of Angelo Badalamenti’s haunting score? Say it ain’t so. It’s possibly the best television soundtrack of all time, and it established the show’s darkly uplifting tone.
Michael Gilbert
Rochester, N.Y.