Ariana Bacle
August 27, 2014 AT 06:54 PM EDT

Grimes’ music video for “Go” begins with David Hayter, a voice actor known for his work in X-Men and the Metal Gear Solid video games, reciting the opening lines of Dante’s Inferno in a gravelly voice: “Midway upon the journey of our life, I found myself within a forest dark…”

And from that moment on, viewers are in Grimes’ version of hell.

The musician journeys through a majestic desert as red smoke fills the screen, dances in a black-lit room, and sings as Blood Diamonds (her collaborator on the song) cradles her along a seashore. “It’s supposed to be dante’s inferno (abstractly), different layers of hell etc.,” Grimes explained on her Tumblr. “Super visually inspired by like x men, metal gear, dune.”

It also looks like her love of Games of Thrones factored into the video’s look. Grimes regularly voices her love of the series on her Twitter and recently claimed she was “literally dying” after meeting George R.R. Martin at Comic-Con.

Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher directed the video.

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